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Jian-ping xiong to yiwu, vice governor of the world trade center, zhejiang province

Release time: 2016-06-01Author:

On June 1 in the afternoon, vice governor of zhejiang province jian-ping xiong line in jinhua city vice mayor, mayor of yiwu fiki accompanied to yiwu world trade center in yiwu silk road financial town construction situation, Neoglory Prosperity  President YuYunXin accompanied.

In yiwu 40 of the world trade center building, jian-ping xiong overlooking the yiwu city landscape, listen to the staff of the relevant silk road new district, the silk road town in the financial, the nations cultural blocks, 5 a-class tourist scenic spot, Penn Wang Jingpin community transformation, such as construction plan, to yiwu in recent years the economic development and urban construction work fully affirmed.

Jian-ping xiong vice governor, points out that as the first batch of approved for 37 provincial characteristic town in zhejiang province yiwu silk road town, in the process of planning and construction to give town culture connotation, according to the yiwu river

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