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We get 2016 in anhui province science and technology prize money awarded

Release time: 2016-05-24Author:

Maanshan city bureau of finance on May 23, 2016, according to the financial department in anhui province on the notice issued the award of the 2016 science and technology prize money (money teach [2016] 2016), the order we won the provincial science and technology awards 2016, twenty thousand yuan of money reward, the column of "science and technology awards 2069901" subjects.

Anhui science and technology awards is to reward in the provincial science and technology progress, promote the progress of science and technology, promote economic and social development, science and technology personnel and organizations have made outstanding contributions.

Our award winning project "alien rotary bearing r&d and industrialization", is the rotary bearing structure of special condition in different product design, solve the special working condition or the presence of a specific host structure can't install or inconvenience to install difficulty in rotary bearing products, ? implements two parts

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